Photos © Sanna Vartiainen & Elina Alanen

I have been handling dogs from all FCI groups over 14 years now.

My handling career started during the year 2003 when I competed for the first time ever in junior handling. Since then I competed 6 years actively and I achieved some nice results as well. Junior handling was a great way for me to learn how to show different breeds and that's why I will be always so thankful for all of those people who lend their dogs for me! I competed mostly with Poodles and American cockers and both of those breeds are still very special for me.

Photos © Päivi Newman & Marjo Takala

Nowadays I’m showing actively different dogs in the show rings in Finland and abroad. Usually you see me with American cockers, Terriers and Bearded collies but I’m always ready to learn something new too. If you need a handler do not hesitate to contact me.

My very first BEST IN SHOW -win together with Bearded Collie "Diesel"
Photo © Liisa Saranpää

Photos © Virve Sipola & Maija Saarinen

Photo © Johanna Lahtinen