Photos © Valentina Župan & Elina Alanen

Hi! I am a 23-year-old Saana Pirinen from Oulu, which is quite a large city in Northern Finland. Currently I am studying at the University in Joensuu, which is located in Eastern Finland. My story with dogs started already when I was just a little kid. I used to spend much time with my uncle’s German Shorthaired Pointers and that’s why I became more interested about dogs. After that also I wanted to get an own dog and finally when we moved from Rovaniemi to Oulu my parents gave me a permission for that. Just before Christmas Eve in 1999 I got my very first dog, Shetland Sheepdog Bridemoor’s Wiva Las Vegas ”Hupi”. I had a honor to share my life with him over 14 years, he passed away in May 2014. Nowadays I have two dogs living with me, American Cocker Spaniel Ch. Jauntylover’s Lady Molly ”Lulu” and Miniature Smooth-haired Dachshund Ch. Energy Elegance Evlampia ”Masha”.

Dogs are like a lifestyle for me and that's why big part of my freetime is somehow related to doggy things. I was competing 6 years actively in junior handling and nowadays I am still showing different breeds actively in Finland and abroad. I have trained agility and obedience when Hupi was younger. I'm also very interested in grooming and that's the reason why I want to learn how to groom different breeds.

After my junior handling career I've been invited to judge junior handling competitions few times here in Finland. Junior handling is still very close to my heart and I am happy to be continuing this hobby also as a ”coach” of some very talented young handlers.

Judging in Liminka Shows 18.9.2016
Photo © Elina Alanen

I am working quite actively in different kind of dog clubs. For example I am currently the main editor of Finnish American Cocker Club’s magazine and I am taking part of organizing dog shows with our local Terrier Club. Among other things I am making websites and advertisements for dog people. You can read more about it on WebDesign -page. I hope you enjoy your visit on my website and please come back soon for updates!

-Saana Pirinen

Photo © Elina Alanen